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① 初二英语知识点上\下册 (人教版)

1单元 snake robot 蛇形机器人
space station 太空站 seem possible 看起来可能
be able to (do) = can 能够
the World Cup 世界杯 2单元
look for 寻找 keep out 不让……进入
in the future 在未来,在将来 pay for 付款
come true (梦想)成为现实 Teen Talk 青少年论坛
go skating 去滑冰 in style 时髦的,流行的
fall in love with… 爱上 out of style 过时的
hundreds of 好几百,许许多多 all kinds of 各种,多种
be free 免费 on the one hand (在)一方面
in 100 years (用于将来时) 一百年后 on the other hand (在)另一方面
be in high school 上中学 as…as possible 尽可能…地
live alone 独自居住 =as…as sb can
go swimming 去游泳 get on with… 与…相处,进展
see sb do sth 看见某人做… have a hair cut 理发
over and over again 一次又一次 part-time job 兼职工作
get bored 厌烦 call sb up=ring sb up 打电话给……
space rocket 太空火箭 on the phone 在通话
electric toothbrush 电动牙刷 What’s the matter (with)? 怎么了?
computer programmer 电脑程序员 What’s wrong (with)? 怎么了?
live to be 200 years old 活到200岁 the same as… 与……同样的
(书上重要表达) complain about 抱怨……
will be… 将成为…… argue with… 与……争论
study on computer 在电脑上学习 surprise sb 使…惊奇
as a reporter 作为一名记者 borrow from… 向……借
keep a pet 养一只宠物 lend to… 把…借给…
ring the week 在一周期间 find out 发现,找出
wear a suit (uniform) 穿西装(制服) except me 除了我
at the weekend 在周末 do wrong 做错事
on vacation 在假期 under too much pressure 承受太多压力
predict the future 预测未来 take part in 参加
the head of a company 公司负责人 compare …with… 把…和…比较
need to do sth 需要做某事 (书上重要表达)
job interview 求职面视 enough money 足够的钱
science fiction movie 科幻电影 write sb a letter 给某人写信
just like… 就像…… a ball game 一场球赛
help with +名词 帮助做某事 talk about… 谈论…话题
make sb do sth 使某人做…… say sorry to… 向…说对不起
It’s easy for sb to do sth 做某事很简单 have a bake sale 卖烤点
wake up 醒来 buy….for…. 为…买…
get a tutor 请家教 get out of the shower 洗完澡
be popular at school 在学校受欢迎 sleep late 睡懒觉
everyone else 其他每个人 buy a souvenir 买纪念品
invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 go into=enter 进入
fail the test 考试不及格 call the police 报警
return= give back 归还 at around ten o’clock 在十点左右
have a fight with… 同…大吵、打架 shop assistant 售货员
give some advice 提建议 the Museum of Flight 飞行博物馆
busy enough 足够忙 take a photo 照相
not…until 直到……才 walk around 四处走走
nothing new 没什么新鲜的 police officer 警官
seem to do sth 好象要做某事 a car accident 车祸
push a lot more 逼得更紧 event in history 历史事件
a mother of three 三个孩子的妈妈 in modern history 在现代史上
know about… 知道,了解…… everyday activity 日常活动
find it+形容词 to do sth 发现做某事很… at that time=then 在那时
think for oneself 为自己考虑 ask sb to do sth 叫…做某事
plan the life 计划生活 in silence=silently 沉默地
learn to do sth=study to do 学习做某事 be born 出生
a bit=a little 一点 have meaning to sb 对…有意义
organized activity 有组织的活动 national hero 民族英雄
by oneself 靠某人自己
after-school club 课外俱乐部 4单元
get over 克服、恢复
3单元 sea level 海平面
come in 进来 Chinese Young Pioneer 中国少年先锋队
World Trade Center (WTC) 世界贸易中心 do well in=be good at 在…方面擅长
as…as… 和……一样 pass on 传递
take place=happen 发生 first of all 首先
hear about 听说 report card 成绩单
take off 起飞;脱下 in good health 身体健康
get out 出去,离开 open up 打开
barber shop 理发店 be supposed to 被期待,被要求
run away 逃跑,跑掉 care for 照料,照顾
in front of 在…前面 senior high school 高中
in the front of 在…前部 the Ministry of Ecation 教育部
walk down the street 沿着街走 be mad at=be angry at 对……很生气
an unusual experience 一次不寻常经历 not…anymore 不再…
Beijing International Airport 北京国际机场 end-of-year exam 期末考试
in space 在太空中 have a favor 帮忙
all over the world 全世界 get nervous 变得紧张
train station 火车站 disappointing result 令人失望的结果
(书上重要表达) one’s homework 抄袭作业
(书上重要表达) play party games 玩聚会游戏
have a surprise party 举行惊喜派对 study for the test 为考试复习
drinks and snacks 饮料和零食 ask sb to do sth 叫某人做某事
the next day 第二天 ID card 身份证
How is it going? 一切还好吗? travel around the world 环球旅游
have a hard time with… 对…感到头痛 get an ecation 受教育
have a big fight 大吵一架 might seem like 似乎好象……
forget to do sth 忘记做…(没做) a dream job 理想的工作
It’s right for sb to do sth 做…是正确的 all over the world 全世界
start a bad habit 养成坏习惯 make life difficult 使生活变得困难
poor mountain village 贫困山区 get injured 受伤
change one’s life 改变…的生活 have a difficult time doing sth 做某事很难
the peking University 北京大学 real friend 真朋友
rural area 农村地区 in fact 事实上
make sb feel sick 使某人不舒服 class party 班会
agree with… 同意…… laugh at sb 嘲笑某人
need to do sth 需要做某事 dye the hair 染发
three times a day 一日三次 past tense 过去时
school dormitory 学校校舍 watch out 留神、小心
outside world 外界
finish doing sth 完成做某事 6单元
volunteer teacher 志愿者老师 by the way 顺便说一句
mother earth 地球母亲 far (away) from… 距离…很遥远
be in danger 在危险之中 run out of 用完,用尽
more than=over 比…多;多于
5单元和1-5单元复习 be interested in… 对……感兴趣
take away 拿走 the Olympic Games 奥运会
make a living 谋生 Hilltop School 山顶学校
around the world 全世界 raise money for charity 为慈善筹钱
all the time=always 总是,一直 a pair of skates 一双溜冰鞋
mobile phone 移动电话,手机 go native 入乡随俗
in order to… 为了…… do (try) one’s best 尽某人最大努力
let in 允许进入 go together 相配;调和
remind …of… 使人想起…… let sb know 让某人知道
be hurt badly 严重受伤 inline skating 纵列式溜冰
make money 挣钱 probably=maybe=perhaps 也许
look up to 尊敬 have sth done(过去分词) (请别人)做某事
charity event 慈善事件 polar bear 北极熊
professional athlete 职业运动员 three and a half years 三年半
wear jeans 穿牛仔裤 (书上重要表达)
take a bus to…… 坐公车去…… collect the stamps 集邮
help sb do sth 帮助某人做…… skating marathon 滑冰马拉松
several=a few 几个 pay a big fine 赔款
be the first one to do sth 第一个做某事 throw away 扔掉
snow globe 雪球 argue about… 为……而争论
anyone else 其他任何人 sell out 卖完
start a club 建立一个俱乐部 five times the price 价格的5倍多
tell sb about… 告诉某人关于某事 (书上重要表达)
fly a kite 放风筝 do the dishes 洗碗
music video 音乐录影带 look terrible 看起来很糟糕
talent show 天才表演 move the car 挪挪汽车
Heilongjiang Province 黑龙江省 help…with(名词) 帮助某人做某事
colorful history 多彩的历史 finish the task 完成任务
European influence 欧洲风格的影响 clothing store 服装店
in Russian style 俄罗斯风格 order a hamburger 预订个汉堡包
Song Emperor 宋朝皇帝 shop assistant 售货员
western history 西方历史 follow sb around=go after sb 跟着某人转
The more…, the more… 越…,就越…… English-speaking country 说英语的国家
learn about… 学习…… social behavior 社交行为
have problem with… 在…上有问题 be useful to do sth 做某事很有用
be close to… 靠近……
7单元 in all situations 在各种场合下
no problem 没问题 feel uncomfortable 感到不舒服
wait in line 排队等候 even if 即使,就算
keep…down 压低声音,使缓和 be with sb 和…在一起
pick up 捡起 It’s better to do sth 最好做某事
break the rule 违反规则 public place 公共场合
take care=be careful 当心,小心 in public 在公共场所里
put out the cigarette 熄灭香烟 allow sb to do sth 允许某人做…
at first (反) at last, finally 首先(反)最终 see sb do(doing) sth 看见某人做…
cut in line 插队 give sb a suggestion 给某人提建议
turn down (up) 关小(开大) take the suggestion 接受建议
not at all 根本不;一点也不 drop litter 扔垃圾
Would you mind (not) doing sth 你介意(不)…吗?
Could you please (not) do sth 请(不要)…好吗 8单元
turn on/off 开(关) fall asleep 入睡,睡着
right away =in a minute 立刻 give away 赠送,分发
=at once make friends with sb 与……交朋友
at a meeting 在开会 hear of… 听说……
hair stylist 发型师,美容师 the Olympics 奥运会
get annoyed 变得气恼 the Olympic Committee 奥委会
get married 结婚 take an interest in… 对……感兴趣
get mad 变得激动 photo album 相册
get angry 变得生气 rather than… 胜于;(与其),不如
happen to sb 某人发生某事 make progress 取得进步
these days=now 现在,目前 gone to… 已去某地(途中)
too…to… 太…以致于不能… get some exercise 锻炼
give up doing sth 放弃做某事 It takes forty minutes 花了40分钟
give…to… 给某人…… Neither have I=me neither 我也没有(去)
stage manner 舞台台风 get to=reach=arrive in(at) 到达
native speaker 说本族语的人 take a lesson=have a lesson 上课
learn by heart 用心记住 (书上重要表达)
look up (在书中)查询 water park 水上乐园
for a while 暂时,一会儿 space museum 太空博物馆
an 80-year-old grandmother 一位80岁的外婆 take the subway 坐地铁
China Radio International 中国国际广播电台 Mickey mouse 米老鼠
(书上重要表达) Donald Duck 唐老鸭
get sb sth=buy sth for sb 给某人买…… Disney character 迪士尼卡通人物
How about=what about ……怎么样? theme park 主题公园
Why don’y you do sth? 为什么不做…呢 be themed with… 被冠以…主题
Why not do sth? (同上) walk around 四处走走
special enough 足够特别 Disney Cruise 迪士尼巡游
pot-bellied pig named Connie 取名叫科尼尔的猪 take a ride 搭乘……
eat a lot 吃得多 just like… 就像,正如
keep a pet 养宠物 take different route 走不同线路
pay for=spend for 为……付钱 exchange student 交换生
learn to do sth=study to do 学习做某事 flight attendant 空中乘务员
improve English 提高英语 language school 语言学校
enter a contest 参加比赛 such as=for example 例如
as well as… 和……一样好 listening skill 听力技巧
age group 年龄组 Southeast Asia 东南亚
win the prize 赢得奖金 take a holiday 度假
encourage sb to do sth 鼓励某人做某事 have problem doing sth 做某事有困难
have fun with… 做…很有乐趣 foreign country 外国
find out 找出,发现 ring the daytime 在白天
find a way to do sth 找到做某事的方法 wake up 醒来,唤醒某人
be awake 醒着的
9单元 natural environment 自然环境
end up 结束 It’s best to do sth 做好做某事
on board 在船上 10单元
have a great time 玩得愉快 look through 浏览
amusement park 娱乐园 come along=appear 出现,发生
tour guide 导游 get along=get on with… 相处
three quarters 四分之三 at least (反) at most 至少(反)最多
Night Safari 夜间野生动物园 have a small talk=chat 闲聊
all year around 全年,一年到头 opening question 开场白问题
roller coaster 过山车 thank-you note 感谢信
(ever) been to… 曾经去过某地 cross the busy street 穿越繁忙的大街
have a wonderful time 过得愉快 show sb around 带某人参观某地
be friendly to sb 对某人友好 show the way 指路
be happy to do sth 很高兴做某事 have a hard time doing 做某事很困难
invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事 make it easy to do sth 使做某事容易
have a family dinner 家庭聚餐 go with sb 同某人一起去
look both side 看两边 win the game 赢得比赛
(书上重要表达) dining room 食堂、饭厅
Franklin Lake 弗兰克林湖 holiday job 假期短工
by noon 到中午之前 review=go over 复习
I hope so 但愿如此 opposite word 反义词
wait to do sth 等着做某事 decide to do sth 决定做某事
baby sister=younger sister 妹妹 meet friends 会见朋友
feel like doing=want to do sth 想做某事

② 人教版八年级下册英语电子书


英语课本上册下半部分.zip" wealth="5" />

③ 八年级下册英语(人教版)语法

1 一般将来时态2 过去抄将来时态3过去进行时态 4宾语从句5if 引导的条件状语从句6现在完成进行时态7 介意(某人)做某事8 询问别人为什么要做或者不做某事9 现在完成时态10反意疑问句

④ 人教版初二下册英语


Unit 1 Will people have robots?
do/does 的一般将来时态形式:(shall/will) do
do/does 的一般将来时态的被动语态:(shall/will) be done
肯定句例句:People will have robots in a few years.
否定句例句:People (will not/won't) have robots in a few years.
一般疑问句例句:Will people have robots in a few years?
特殊疑问句例句:What will people have in a few years?
重点短语:won't = will not
they'll = they will
she'll = she will
he'll = he will
I'll = I will
fall in love with(sb./sth.) 爱上(某人/某物)
be able to do sth. 能够做某事
come true 实现
in the future 未来
hundreds of 数以百计的
thousands of 数以千计的
look for(sb./sth.) 寻找(某人/某物)
will → would 情态动词 will 的原形和过去式
may → might 情态动词 may 的原形和过去式

Reading Strategy(阅读方法)
Look at the title and picture, and predict what you will read about. (看着标题和图片,预知你要阅读那些方面的内容。)This helps you get ready to acquire new information. (这样可以帮助你获得一些新的信息。)

Unit 2 What should I do?
do/does 的过去将来时态形式:(should/would) do
do/does 的过去将来时态的被动语态:(should/would) be done
肯定句例句:You should write a letter to him.
否定句例句:You shouldn't write a letter to him.
一般疑问句例句:Should I write a letter to him?
特殊疑问句例句:What should I do?
重点短语:keep sb. out 不让某人进入
What's wrong? = What's the matter? = What's the problem? 怎么了?
out of style 不时髦的;过时的
call sb. up 给某人打电话
pay for sth. 为某事付款
part-time job 兼职工作
the same as = be same (to/with) 与……同样
in style 时髦的;流行的
get on [well] with sb. = get along [well] with sb. 与某人相处(好)
didn't = did not
couldn't = could not
as ... as possible 尽可能……(eg/ as soon as possible 尽快)
all kinds of 各种;许多
on the one hand 一方面
on the other hand 另一方面
ask sb. for sth. = ask sb. to do sth. 请求某人做某事
ask sb. not to do sth. 请求某人不要做某事
spend (money) on sth. = spend (money) [in] doing sth. 花钱做某事
sth. cost sb. (money) 某人花钱为了某事
take sb. sometime to do sth. 花某人时间做某事
find out 查明
find sb. doing sth. 发现某人做某事
be angry with sb. 生某人的气
be angry at sth. 生某事的气
the same age as = as old as 与某人年龄一样
have fight with sb. 与某人打架
learn to do sth. 学会做某事
not ... until ... 直到……才……
compare sth.(A) with sth.(B) 把某事(A)与某事(B)作比较
it's time for sth. = it's time to do sth. 到该做某事的时间了
maybe adv. 或许
may be (情态动词 + 动词原形)可能是
shall → should 情态动词 shall 的原形和过去式
pay → paid → paid 动词 pay 的原形、过去式和过去分词

Reading Strategy(阅读方法)
You will learn to use new words better if you use a learner's dictionary. (时刻学着应用新单词来学习比时刻使用字典这种途径方法更好。)A bilingual dictionary sometimes gives the wrong meaning for the situation you want. (在某些你需要的场合下,一本双语字典有时会给你错误的解释。)

Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived?
do/does 的过去进行时态形式:(was/were) doing
do/does 的过去进行时态的被动语态:(was/were) being done
肯定句例句:I was walking down the street when a UFO landed.
否定句例句:I wasn't walking down the street when a UFO landed.
一般疑问句例句:Were you walking down the street when a UFO landed?
特殊疑问句例句:What were you doing when a UFO landed?

动词 when 和 while 的选择:when 后加瞬间动词,while 后加延续性动词。
例句:The boy was walking down the street when the UFO landed.
=While the boy was walking down the street, the UFO landed.

结构:(1) How + adj. + the + 主语 + 谓语动词
=(2) What + (a/an) + [adj.] + n. + 主语 + 谓语动词
例句:What a beautiful flower [it is]!
=How beautiful the flower is!
What beautiful flowers [they are]!
=How beautiful the flowers are!

重点短语:get out 出去;离开
take off 起飞
run away 逃跑;跑掉
come in 进来
hear about = hear of 听说
take place 发生
as ... as 像……一样(eg/ as old as him 像他一样老)
anywhere = everywhere = here and there 任何地方
think about 考虑
think of 认为
get up = get out of the bed 起床
at the doctor's 在诊所
every day 每一天
everyday adj. 日常的
most adj. 大部分
the most 最多的
in space 在太空中
national hero 民族英雄
all over the world = in the world 全世界

Reading Strategy(阅读方法)
The title can be helpful for you to understand a text. (一篇文章的标题可以帮助你理解整篇文章。)It's also a good idea to read the first sentence of each paragraph before you read. (在阅读整篇文章之前,阅读每段的第一句话也是一个很有效的方法。)

Unit 4 He said I was hard-working.
结构:主语 + 谓语动词 + 宾语从句(主语 + 谓语动词 + 宾语/表语)
例句:----I'm good at English. He says. (改为加宾语从句的复合句)
----He says I'm good at English.
例句:He says I'm good at English now.
He says I was good at mathematics when I was young.
例句:He said I was good at mathematics when I was young yesterday.
He said I was good at English now yesterday.
例句:Our teacher says 24 hours make a day.
Our teacher said the sun gives us so many energy yesterday.
④动词原形不能作主语,必须用其 -ing 形式。
例句:She said helping others changed her life.
重点短语:direct speech 直接引语
reported speech = indirect speech 间接引语
first of all = at first 首先
pass on 传递
be supposed to do sth. 应该做某事
be good at = do well in 在某方面做得好
in good health 身体健康
get over 克服
open up 打开
care for = take care of = look after 照料;照顾
not any more = not any longer = no longer 不再
have a cold 感冒
end-of-year exam 年终考试
get nervous 变得紧张
forget to do sth. 忘记做某事(该事未做)
forget doing sth. 忘记做某事(该事已做)
it's + adj. + [for sb.] + to do sth. 做某事[对某人来说]……(加形容词)
context 上下文

Reading Strategy(阅读方法)
First read for meaning, not for detail. (首先理解文段的大致意思,不在于文段的细节部分。)You can understand the meaning of a word you don't know from the context. (至于不懂的单词,你可以通过上下文来寻找它的正确释义。)

Unit 5 If you go to the party, you'll have a great time!
重点语法:if 引导的条件状语从句
结构:主句 + if + 条件状语从句
if + 条件状语从句 + [(comma)] + 主句
注意:在 if 引导的条件状语从句中,主句应用将来时态,状语从句用一般现在时态。
例句:You'll have a great time if you go to the party.
=If you go to the party, you'll have a great time.
重点短语:take away 拿走
around the world = all over the world 在世界各地
make a living 谋生
all the time = always 一直
What's the problem? = What's the matter? = What's wrong? 怎么了?
in order to do sth. 为了做某事
make sb. do sth. 使得某人做某事(to 省略,该结构是一个不带 to 的不定式。)
make sb. adj. 使得某人……(加形容词)
make sb. done 使得某人被做
be famous for 为……而出名
be famous as 作为……而出名
in class 在课堂上
spend ...(time/money) on sth. = spend ...(time/money) in doing sth. 花……(时间/钱)用于做某事
see sb. do sth. 看见某人做某事(强调整个过程)
see sb. doing sth. 看见某人做某事(强调偶然性)
say → said → said 动词 say 的原形、过去式和过去分词
tell → told → told 动词 tell 的原形、过去式和过去分词
eat → ate → eaten 动词 eat 的原形、过去式和过去分词
speak → spoke → spoken 动词 speak 的原形、过去式和过去分词

Unit 6 How long have you been collecting shells?
do/does 的现在完成进行时态形式:have/has been doing
do/does 的现在完成进行时态的被动语态:have/has been being done
I have been in Junior School for 3 years.
I have been making progress since he talked with me that time.
肯定句例句:I have been skating for five hours.
否定句例句:I haven't been skating for five hours.
一般疑问句例句:Have you been skating for five hours?
特殊疑问句例句:How long have you been skating?
How long have you been keeping this book?
重点短语:run out of 用完;用尽
by the way 顺便说说
be interested in doing sth. 对某事感兴趣
more than 比……多
far away 在远处
would like to do sth. = want to do sth. = feel like doing sth. 想要做某事
send sb. sth. = send sth. to sb. 把某物赠送给某人
in fact 实际上
room 房间(用于可数名词);空间(用于不可数名词)
common → more common → the most common 形容词 common 的原级、比较级和最高级

Reading Strategy(阅读方法)
Let your eyes "scan" the text quickly to find details that you're looking for. (在阅读文章之前,用眼睛“横扫”整篇文章,快速寻找你需要的文章要点。)You can find information quickly without reading the whole text. (这样你就不用细读整篇文章,就能寻找到你需要的一些信息。)

Unit 7 Would you mind turning down the music?
重点语法:mind [one's] doing sth. 介意(某人)做某事
重点短语:not at all 一点也不
turn down 调节使音量变小
right away = in a minute = at once 立刻;马上
wait in line 排队等候
cut in line 插队等候
hasn't = has not
keep ... down 压低声音;使缓和
at first = first of all 首先
take care 当心;小心
take care of = care about = look after 关心;照顾
break the rule 违规
obey the rule 遵守规定
put out 熄灭
pick sth. up 捡起某物
wait for sb. 等候某人
depend on 依赖;依靠
get back = return 要回
mean → meant → meant 动词 mean 的原形、过去式和过去分词

Reading Strategy(阅读方法)
As we read, we need to find "topic sentences".(在我们阅读的时候,我们需要寻找“主题语句”,也就是和文章中心最相关的语句。) These sentences usually gives us a "summary", or overall meaning of each paragraph and help us understand what the paragraph is about.(这些语句通常会给我们一些文章的“概要”,或者每个文段的全部意思,来帮助我们理解段落大意。) After the topic sentence comes more detail and explanation.(当“主题语句”出现后,该段的一些解释和细节也就会随之出现。)

Unit 8 Why don't you get her a scarf?
why don't you do sth. = why not do sth.
例句:Why don't you get her a camera? = Why not get her a camera?
what about = how about
例句:How about some tennis balls? = What about some tennis balls?
重点短语:fall asleep 入睡
give away 赠送;分发
hear of = hear about 听说
take an interest in = be interested in 对……感兴趣
make friends with 与……交友
make progress 取得进步
keep → kept → kept 动词 keep 的原形、过去式和过去分词
feed → fed → fed 动词 feed 的原形、过去式和过去分词
fall → fell → fallen 动词 fall 的原形、过去式和过去分词
hear → heard → heard 动词 hear 的原形、过去式和过去分词

Reading Strategy(阅读方法)
To understand the important ideas from the text, we must "summarize".(为了了解文段最主要的意图,我们必须要进行总结。) Do this by answering "who, what, where, why" questions as you read.(在阅读时,常注意回答时间、地点、人物这些基本要素问题,达到总结的目的。)

Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement?
do/does 的现在完成时态形式:(have/has) done
do/does 的现在完成时态的被动语态:(have/has) been done
I have ever been to America. It's the first time for me to go abroad.
重点短语:have a great time = have a good time = have fun = enjoy oneself 玩得高兴
on board 在船上
end up doing sth. 结束做某事
all year round = all over the year 终年
understand → understood → understood 动词 understand 的原形、过去式和过去分词

Reading Strategy(阅读方法)
After reading, write down three or more things you have learned. (在阅读整篇文章之后,把你学到的三样或更多事物写下来。)We always remember things better if we take time to reflect. (如果我们花时间去思考一些问题的话,那么我们就能更容易地记住一些事情。)

Unit 10 It's a nice day, isn't it?
例句:He's a student, isn't he?
She's not his mother, is she?
回答反意疑问句时,要根据事实来回答。若事实是肯定的,则必须用 yes 回答。若事实是否定的,则必须用 no 回答。
You're not ready, are you?
No, I'm not.
Yes, I am.

重点短语:look through 浏览
come along 出现;发生
get along 相处
at least 至少
at most 至多
a thank-you note 感谢信
forget → forgot → forgotten 动词 forget 的原形、过去式和过去分词
little → less → least 形容词 little 的原级、比较级和最高级
many/much → more → most 形容词 many/much 的原级、比较级和最高级

更多语法知识点请参见书后附录的 Grammar (语法) 章节。

⑤ 八年级下册人教英语全部的单词。


Unit 1
will 将;会;要
robot 机器人
won’t=will not
they’ll=they will
everything 每件事物
paper 纸;纸
fewer 较少的;较少数
pollution 污染
tree 树;树木
she’ll=she will
building 建筑物;房屋
astronaut 宇航员;航天员
rocket 火箭
space 空间;太空
space station 太空站
fly 飞行
took take的过去式
moon 月亮;月球
I’ll=I will
fall 落下;跌落;变为
fell 的过去式
fall in love with 爱上
alone 单独地;孤独地
pet 宠物
parrot 鹦鹉
probably 大概;或许
go skating 去滑冰
suit 一套衣服
able 能;能够
be able to 能够……;得以……
dress 穿衣
casually 非正式地;随意地
which 哪个;哪几个
even 甚至
the World Cup 世界杯
wrote write的过去式
myself 我自己;我本人
interview 面试;面谈
predict 预报;预言
prediction 预言;预测
came come的过去式
come true 实现;达到
sound 声音
company 公司
thought think的过去式
strategy 策略;战略
fiction 小说
unpleasant 使人不愉快的
scientist 科学家
in the future 未来;将来
hundreds of大量;许多
already 早已;已经
made make的过去式
factory 工厂
simple 简单的;简易的
such 这样的;这种
bored 厌烦的;厌倦的
everywhere 各地;到处
human 人;人类
shape 外形;形状
huge 巨大的;极大的
earthquake 地震
snake 蛇
possible 可能的
electric 电的;导电的
toothbrush 牙刷
seem 像是;似乎
impossible 不可能的;不会发生的
housework 家务;家务事
rating 级别;等级

Unit 2
keep out 不让……进入
play 播放
argue 争论;争吵
wrong 错误的;有毛病 ;不适合的
What’s wrong? 怎么了?
style 风格
out of style 不时髦的;过时的
could can的过去式
call sb. up 打电话给……
ticket 票;入场券
surprise 使惊奇;使意外
on the phone 用电话交谈;在通话
What’s the matter? 怎么了?
pay for 付款
part-time job 兼职工作
okay 好的
either 任一的;(两方中的)每一方的
bake 烤;烘
Teen Talk 青少年论坛
tutor 家庭教师
original 新颖的
the same as 与……同样的
in style 时髦的;流行的
haircut 理发;发型
except 把……除外
upset 心烦的;沮丧的
fail 失败
get on 相处;进展
didn’t=did not
couldn’t=could not
return 归还;送回
football 足球
until 到……为止
fit 适合;适应
as...as possible 尽可能……
pressure 压力
complain 抱怨;控诉
include 包括;包含
pushy 固执已见的,一意孤行的
push 推;推动;督促
send 发送;寄
all kinds of 各种;许多
compare 比较
crazy 疯狂的;狂热的
themselves 他(她,它)们自己
alt 成年人
on the one hand 一方面
organized 有组织的
on the other hand (在)另一方面
freedom 自由
Unit 3
UFO 不明飞行物;飞碟
barber 理发师
barber shop 理发店
bathroom 浴室;盥洗室
bedroom 卧室;寝室
kitchen 厨房
get out 出去;离开
alien 从另一个世界来的生物;外星人
bought buy的过去式
land 着陆
got get的过去式
take off 起飞
while 当……的时候
experience 经历;体验
imagine 想象:设想
strange 奇怪的;陌生的
follow 跟随;追随
amazing 令人惊异的
kid 开玩笑;戏弄;欺骗
scared 恐惧的
climb 攀登;爬
jump 跳跃
shout 呼喊;呼叫
rode ride的过去式
train station 火车站
ran run的过去式
run away 逃跑;跑掉
anywhere 任何地方
met meet的过去式
come in 进来
happen 发生
accident 事故
Beijing International Airport 北京国际机场
plane 飞机
heard hear的过去式
modern 现代的;现代化的
kill 杀死
Memphis 孟菲斯
murder 谋杀;凶杀
hear about 听说
bright 明亮的;发亮的
playground 运动场;操场
bell 钟;铃;门铃
rang ring的过去式
told tell的过去式
close 关闭
silence 寂静;沉默
take place 发生
recent 最近的;近来的
World Trade Center 世界贸易中心
destroy 破坏;毁坏
terrorist 恐怖分子
meaning 意思;含义
as...as 像……一样
became become的过去式
flight 航班;班机
earth 地球
hero 英雄
flew fly的过去式
Unit 4
mad 疯狂的;狂热的
anymore 再;还今后
direct 直接引语
reported speech 间接引语
first of all 首先
message 消息;信息
pass on 传递
suppose 假定;认为;期望
be supposed to 被期望或被要求
hard-working 勤勉的;努力工作的
do well in 在……方面做得好
in good health 身体健康
report card 成绩单
nervous 神经紧张的;不安的
envelope 信封
semester 学期
true 真实的
disappointing 使人失望的;令人扫兴的
lucky 幸运的
own 自己的
get over 克服;恢复;原谅
poor 贫穷的;贫困的
village 乡村
Peking 北京大学
graate (大学)毕业生
volunteer 志愿者
rural 乡下的;乡村的
area 地区;地域
meter 米,公尺
sea level 海平面
thin 稀薄的
ate eat的过去式
fortunately 幸运地
decision 决定;决心
husband 丈夫
dormitory 宿舍
senior high school 高中
open up 打开
start 开始;开端
influence 影响
return 回来;返回
hometown 家乡;故乡
Greenpeace “绿色和平”组织
care for 照料;照顾
border 边界;边境
UNICEF 联合国儿童基金会
WWF 世界野生动物基金会
danger 危险
Unit 5
have a great time 玩得愉快
organize 组织
take away 拿走
clean-up 清除;打扫
flower 花
agent 代理人;代理商
around the world 在世界各地
make a living 谋生
against 反对
charity 慈善团体;慈善事业
chance 机会;机遇
all the time 一直
injured 受伤的;受损害的
sincerely 真诚地
lawyer 律师
tonight 今晚;今夜
mobile 移动电话
Review of units 1-5
What’s the problem? 怎么了?
fat 胖的;肥的
window 窗户
play football 踢足球
consequence 结果
explain 解释;说明
following 下列的;下述的
Unit 6
collect 收集;搜集
shell 贝壳;壳
marathon 马拉松赛跑
pair 一对;一双
skate 溜冰鞋
since 自从;自……以来
Hilltop School 一学校名称,可译为山顶学校
raise 筹集
several 几个的;数个的
skater 溜冰者
stamp 邮票
kite 风筝
monster 怪物;妖怪
globe 球状物;球体
anyone 任何人
run out of 用完;用尽
store 储存
cake 蛋糕;糕、饼类食品
particularly 特别;尤其;异乎寻常的
collector 收藏家
by the way 顺便;附带说说
common 共同的;公共的
extra 额外的
coin 钱币;硬币
topic 话题;主题
been be的过去分词
be interested in 对……感兴趣
writer 作家;作者
dynasty 朝代;王朝
character (著名的)人物;名人
capital 首会;首都
European 欧洲的;欧洲人(的)
Russian 俄罗斯的;俄罗斯人的
Australian 澳大利亚的;澳大利亚人的
Jewish 犹太人的;犹太族的
Jew 犹太人
thousand 一千
emperor 皇帝
foreigner 外国人
quite 相当;十分
certain 确实的;无疑的
the Olympic Games 奥林匹克运动会
far away 在远处
miss 思念;想念
Unit 7
not at all 一点也不
turn down 调节(收音机等)使音量变小
yard 院子
right away 立刻;马上
task 任务;工作;作业
poster 海报
waitress 女服务生
brought bring的过去式
solution 解答;解决办法
line 排;队;列
wait in line 排队等候
annoy 使恼怒;使生气
annoyed 恼怒的;生气的
polite 有礼貌的;客气的
perhaps 或许;大概
door 门
cut in line 插队
hasn’t=has not
term 术语
etiquette 礼节
normal 正常的;正规的
behavior 行为;举止;表现
at first 首先
Asian 亚洲的;亚洲人的
uncomfortable 不舒服的
impolite 无礼的;粗鲁的
allow 允许;承认
keep…down 控制;抑制
voice 声音
public 公众
take care 当心;小心
cough 咳嗽
sneeze 打喷嚏
break 打破;违背
break the rule 违反规则
politely 客气地;斯文地
smoke 抽烟;吸烟
put out 熄灭
cigarette 香烟;卷烟;纸烟
criticize 批判
careful 小心;当心
drop 扔;丢
litter 垃圾
pick 采;摘;挑选
pick...up 捡起
behave 举止;表现
Unit 8
comment 评论;意见
album 集子;相片薄;唱片集
personal 私人的;个人的
special 特别的;特殊的;专门的
receive 收到;接受
gave give的过去式
guy 家伙;人
spider 蜘蛛
mouse 老鼠
snake 蛇
hamster 仓鼠
turtle 海龟
child 孩子;儿女
pot-bellied 大腹便便的;大肚子的
pig 猪
advantage 有利条件;优点
disadvantage 不利条件;缺点
perfect 完美的;理想的
rabbit 野兔
company 伙伴
cost 价值(若干);花(多少钱)
asleep 睡着的
fall asleep 入睡
present 礼物
open 打开
later 稍后;随后
given give的过去分词
give away 赠送;分发
bench 长凳;长椅
rather than 胜于
Sweden 瑞典
instead 代替;而不是
the Olympics=the Olympic Games 奥林匹克运动会
enter 参加;进入
nearly 参加;几乎
sang sing的过去式
clearly 清楚地;明显地
stage 舞台
native 本地的;本国的
native speaker 以某种语言为母语的人;说本族语的人
winner 胜利者
modest 谦虚的;谦让的
interested 感兴趣的
encourage 鼓励
spokesperson 发言人;代言人
progress 进步;前进
make progress 取得进步;取得进展
the Olympic Committee 奥委会
hear of 听说
suggest 建议;提议
Beijinger 北京人
take an interest in 对……感兴趣
besides 而且;除……之外
make friends with 与……交友
statement 声明;陈述
mention 提及;说起
drive 开车;驾驶
Unit 9
amusement 娱乐;消遣
neither 都不
Disneyland 迪斯尼乐园
Mickey Mouse 米老鼠
Donald Duck 唐老鸭
character 人物;角色
seen see的过去分词
theme 主题
attraction 有吸引力的事物(或人)
roller coaster 过山车
cruise 巡游;巡航
boat 小船
board 甲板
on board 在船上
route 路线
end up 结束
island 岛;岛屿
especially 特别;尤其
exchange student 交换生
attendant 服务员
flight attendant (飞机上的)空中服务员
discover 发觉;发现
requirement 要求;必要条件
guide 导游
tour guide 导游
film 电影
southeast 东南部
wonderful 极好的
holiday 假日;假期;节日
quarter 四分之一;一刻钟
three quarters 四分之三
population 人口
simply 仅仅;只; 简单的
Putonghua 普通话
fear 害怕;担心
brave 勇敢的;无畏的
excellent 卓越的;极好的
Indian 印度的;印度人的
Night Safari 夜间野生动词园
dark 黄昏;黑暗
daytime 白天;日间
wake 醒来;唤醒
wake up 睡醒;醒来
fox 狐狸
natural 自然的;自然界的
environment 环境
temperature 温度
all year round 一年到头;终年
equator 赤道
whenever 无论如何
spring 春天
autumn 秋天
season 季节
type 类型

Unit 10
Franklin Lake富兰克林湖
noon 中午
sandy 含沙的;多沙的
goodbye 再见
look through 浏览
bookstore 书店
cross 穿过;横过;越过
elevator 电梯
low 低的
slow 慢的;缓慢的
fan 迷;狂热者
note 短信;笔记
come along 现在;发生
get along 相处
baby 婴儿;小孩
at least 至少
traffic 交通
least little的最高级
Andy 安迪
Rita 丽塔(女名)
Review of units 6-10
review 复习;回顾
Erhu 二胡
somewhere 某处;在某处
Additional Material
subtitle (电影或电视上的)字幕
web page 网页

⑥ 人教版八年级下英语

人教版七年级英语上册unit7how much are these pants_优质说课稿 课件

......Teaching aims Ⅰ. Knowledge and skill aims: 1. New words and phrases about clothes, colors and numbers . 2. Sentence patterns: How much is/are…? 3. Impr ...七年级上册说课稿,人教版七年级上册......Teaching aims Ⅰ. Knowledge and skill aims: 1. New words and phrases about clothes, colors and numbers . 2. Sentence patterns: How much is/are…? 3. Impr ...


......( ) 2. A. brother B. father C. friend( ) 3. A. broccoli B. salad C. tomatoes( ) 4. A. 5 B. 8 C. 3( ) 5. A. ...七年级上册unit7,人教版七年级数学上......( ) 2. A. brother B. father C. friend( ) 3. A. broccoli B. salad C. tomatoes( ) 4. A. 5 B. 8 C. 3( ) 5. A. ...

九年级全册英语(人教新目标)自主应用(Unit5Itust long tCara)

......答案:对……来说太小了7.进行数学测试________答案:have a math test8.final exam________答案:期末考试9.因为________答案:because of10.过去常常 ...人教版九年级英语,人教九年级英语教案......答案:对……来说太小了7.进行数学测试________答案:have a math test8.final exam________答案:期末考试9.因为________答案:because of10.过去常常 ...

人教版新目标八年级上英语Unit 8 How was your school trip_[原创

人教版新目标八年级上英语Unit 8 How was your school trip_[原创人教版八年级unit6,人教版八年级unit4人教版新目标八年级上英语Unit 8 How was your school trip_[原创


......* Period 7 Section 1 Before You Read Liu Xiang won the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics. Section 1 Before You Read Beijing was made host to the 2008 Olym ...人教版八年级课件,八年级下英语unit3......* Period 7 Section 1 Before You Read Liu Xiang won the gold medal at the 2004 Olympics. Section 1 Before You Read Beijing was made host to the 2008 Olym ...






......年级英语Unit 1-5单元复习检测题 满分:150分 班级_______ 姓名_______ 一. 词汇测试 20分 A、 用所给单词的正确形式填空 1. How do you _____________(pronunciat ...九年级语文单元复习,九年级英语unit1......年级英语Unit 1-5单元复习检测题 满分:150分 班级_______ 姓名_______ 一. 词汇测试 20分 A、 用所给单词的正确形式填空 1. How do you _____________(pronunciat ...



八年级下册英语(人教新课标)示范教案(Unit1Willeople ve rots-the 1sperid)

......it 1 Will people have robots?Ⅰ.Analysis of the Teaching Material1.Status and FunctionThis is the first unit of this book.So if students are intere ...人教版八年级下册,新课标八年级英语......it 1 Will people have robots?Ⅰ.Analysis of the Teaching Material1.Status and FunctionThis is the first unit of this book.So if students are intere ...


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