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A. 英语作文sport in china 1中国体育现状或热门体育运动的种类 2举例说明某体育明星或项

There are many kinds in China.Table tennis is popular and played everywhere in our country.It is played in every school in China.Everyone,men or women,boys and girls,can play it very well.Swimming is another popular sport in China.It is very convenient for us to have a swim.In cities,we have swimming pools and rivers in the country.Besides,we have other sports which need no equipment at all like morning exercises ,running ,jogging and climbing.We can make our bodies strong and healthy.

B. 有关运动的英语作文

Taking exercise is good for our health.All work and no play makes Jack a ll boy.By taking exercise,we can relax our body and mind.At the same time,we can harden our muscle and have a good figure.If we don't take exercise for a long time,we may easily fall sick.
I enjoy several outdoor sports.Swimming in the sea is my favorite.Because there are too many people in a swimming pool and the water is always dirty,I prefer to swim in the sea.
Playing badminton is also fun.I can always find a place in the park for playing badminton.Besides,I enjoy jogging in the morning.Sometimes,I jog with my parents in the park.

C. 写一篇运动的英语作文,内容包括:1.运动的种类及特点2.什么时候开始3.运动的周

1、生命在于运动.每个人都需要运动.运动有很多好处,多做运动可以让我们保持健康的身体和好的心情. sport is indispensable to life, everyone needs exercises. doing exercises regularly will bring us a lot of benefits and keep us healthy physically.
2、在春季,我们可以去跑步,它会让我们的双腿更灵活 in the spring, we can exercise running outside, it helps our legs became more agile.
3、在夏季,我们可以去游泳,游泳是一种全身的运动,它可以让我们保持更好的身材.summer, swimming is my preference, it's a sport exercise comprehensively from head to tail. it's really helpful to keep a good curve.
4、在秋季,我们可以去爬山,它锻炼我们的意志. in the autume, we can climb hills, through these activities, our volition can be enhanced.
in winter days, skating and skiing are my favourate sports, we can find a lot of fun from them in the freezing days.
6、运动前准备不足 In the P.E. class we had the long-distance running. We had a warm-up before it. But I was lazy and didn't do it well. When I was running, I suddenly fell to the ground. I pulledthe muscles in the leg. 体育课上,我们要进行长跑。长跑前我们为此做准备活动,但是我很懒没有好好做。跑步时,我突然倒在地上。我腿上的肌肉拉伤了。

D. 介绍运动的英语作文

Everyone has their favorite sport, but I think you definitely猜不出 I like what? Let me tell you! That is, cycling, commonly known as riding a bicycle.
To learn how difficult this sport that it is not difficult, that simply was not simple, the most important thing is to master the balance, in order to master the balance I suffered, I am so anxious for the start did not grasp the essentials, and have its own legs Green throw and hand abrasions, or can not have good balance, I really wanted to give up! At that time my mother often say in my ear the word reminds me: someone else can do you can do! Is this sentence has been encouraging me, I started down-to-earth, step-by-step learning step by step, first of all, I sat on the bike, both feet on the ground to the same as in walking
Former "walk." Such a practice, such as 35 days. I try to use a foot above the foot board to ride, and the other on the floor, "go." It may do 12 weeks training. In the end, that is one of the most critical, which is one foot on the pedal, the feet together, so that forward movement bicycle. Do not think that has been done at this time, I also happened, "the end of the air," the situation, but I do not despair, because "failure is the mother of success", as long as I continue to persevere, I believe I will succeed. Drainage into waterways, I now will not only riding, and riding a "thief away," ah!
The summer, I ride every day to 23 hours, which not only allows the body fat I had a temper, but I do find a few good friends! Look! I have my little又跟partners to sport it!
Pier as a小胖me that in other sports may not be your opponent, but in this campaign I believe I will never be lost to you, This is what I like riding a bicycle, like the real reason for the campaign, the future and if possible I would like it to be a cyclist!
I would like to shout loudly: I like rideing my bicycle!

我要大声的高呼:I like rideing my bicycle !

E. 英语作文体育运动

体育抄运动 My School Sport
I study in No.1 Primary School of my city. I usually do sports in school. Every winter, we have a sports meeting. It’s the most exciting time in the whole

year. Last year, I got the No.1 in running. In daily life, I like running, playing table tennis. They are good for my health. And doing sports is really

funny. I like sports.

F. 关于体育运动的类型和重要性英语作文


G. 英语作文,介绍一种体育运动的。

My Favorite Sports【我最喜爱的运动】

Sports help everyone to keep healthy, happy, and efficient. So I pay special attention to games, especially table-tennis. Table tennis is my favorite game. I play it almost every day.

Table-tennis is an ideal game us because it brings the whole body into action. It strengthens our muscles, expands our lungs, promotes the circulation of the blood, and causes a healthy action of the skin. Besides, it is very amusing and does not cost us much money. Table-tennis is very moderate; it is not so rough as football. It is an indoor game and can be played even on rainy days. Thus, it is my favorite kind of exercise.


For 36 years after basketball entered the Olympic Games as a full medal sport for men, the question was not who would win, but who would finish second. The United States owned the game, and not just because it was invented there.

The Soviet Union took home the gold when they toppled the US team in a controversial 1972 game. After another semi-final victory for the Soviets in 1988, the sport opened to professionals. Once again, the question became who would finish second. In Barcelona in 1992, with a squad featuring some of the world’s best-known athletes - Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird - the gold-medal winning US "Dream Team" gave an exhibition of basketball at its best.

Women’s basketball hasn’t been quite such a one-sided affair. Since it joined the Olympic programme in 1976, the gold medals have been divided between the US, the Soviet Union and, after the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States.



Swimming:Olympic swimming has come a long way, to temperature-controlled 50-metre pools, wave-killing gutters, lane markers designed to rece turbulence, and status as one of the Games' glamour events. It is far removed from those early days.

Women's swimming events became a regular part of the Olympic Games in 1912, and men and women now compete in 16 events each. The programme involves four different strokes across a range of distances.

Freestyle races cover 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1500 metres. The 800m is for women only, the 1500m for men only. The butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke races each cover 100 and 200 metres. All four strokes are used in the 200m and 400m indivial medley events.

游泳:奥林匹克游泳取得了进展,到温度控制的50米水池、挥动杀害天沟、通路标志被设计的减少动荡和状态作为其中一个比赛的魅力事件。 它从那些尚早被去除。
1912年妇女的游泳竞赛成为了奥林匹克运动会的一个规则部分,并且人和妇女在16个事件中的每一个现在竞争。 节目介入四个不同冲程横跨距离的范围。
自由式种族包括50, 100, 200, 400, 800和1500米。 800m是为只有妇女, 1500m为只有人。 蝴蝶、仰泳和蛙泳赛跑每盖子100和200米。 全部四个冲程用于200m和400m各自的混杂的人群事件。

H. 写一篇关于运动的英语作文

Fall sports in the school playground grand opening. This is a display of athletic training students, collective spirit, embodies the class style games. At 8:00 in the morning, held a grand
opening ceremony, all the students in the class for the team just north of the podiumafterentering the main playground. One (5) class athletes, high spirits, uniforms, marched in orderly pace, with the sonorous of the podiumafterentering the main playground. One (5) class athletes, high spirits, uniforms, marched in orderly pace, with the sonorous
and forceful music into the
main hall, their mental outlook to the teacher who impressed indicates they will achieve good results in the sports


The two days of competition, the careful arrangement, work schele, tension in
the audience, busy fighting athletes, referees, lets the human heartbeat sound, showing a
beautiful scenery line. These two days, the logistics group of students is more difficult, some for the athletes to prepare the game take clothes to send water, some buy goods, some write manuscript, busy awfully, from their performance, the real class devote ourselves. The athletes take part in competition is very hard, positive, their early came in the
game waiting
for the start of
the game. Readily used several scenes: for example Yan Xu students while the head is not high, but the kind of indomitable spirit worthy of our study, and achieved excellent results in the competition; and as Zhang Jing though the
students did not
take part in the
high jump competition, but this time try to entries, out of the blue material that she should set the Thames a great coup won the high of a woman the first good results, the person's potential is
infinite; for instance Zou Caiyun
students won the
women's 800 meters and
1500 meters
of the
first third two outstanding
achievements; Mo road students while the mother accidentally broke
his arm, but he still adhere to participate in the
competition and
achieved good grades; Zhu Yong students not only in their game to achieve excellent results, but also for a class competition give advice and
suggestions, make great contributions for the class to achieve outstanding
results. There are many touching stories like this, there is no one one lists. In each of the athletes have a strong willpower, never give up
the belief in
support of
them, behind
every good
results have
their hard sweat
and toil, let our classmates to thank them.


The students, the school sports meeting victory ended, we have a high (5) classes scored
high on the first
grade group fourth of
the good results in the sports
meeting. First of all, let us warm applause to all the obtained the position and has not obtained the position players thanks to their classmates, won the honor for the class. Two days to the
sports field full
of tension, intense, friendly, festive atmosphere, I class athletes give full play to
the not afraid of
difficulties, courageously, tenacious struggle, the spirit of striving for excellence, race out of the level, race out of style. Service group and advocacy group students, be strict in one's demands, serious and responsible work, stick to their posts, and carry forward the continuous fighting style, all this fully shows our high (5) classes of unity
upward, unremitting
self-improvement spirit. The games, in the run-up to the Games time, all reflect the students a strong collective sense of honor. Preparation stage, our class athlete students actively started training, pledge class for
the glory, this do not fight the battle
unprepared spirit
is worth promoting in the
learning of good
experience. Especially in the race, athletes tenacious struggle actively preparing for
war, made
gratifying achievements. Students make cheerleading, or in the class athletes cheer for athletes, or by radio. There are students organized a rescue team, to the middle and long distance
runners to the end
of the
rescue. This reflects the unity of the spirit in our class a good class atmosphere and. Especially valuable is that these are in the teacher in the games to do a simple arrangement, the students autonomous carried out, through this activity, students independent ability class cadre management gained a lot of exercise and


The end of the game, honor and
sweat all into this short and loud applause, more laughter and joy, the applause embodies the collective responsibility to a class and sense of collective honor, carrying the expectations of teachers. One student wrote in the diary: "today
I finally
felt the
class unity, friendship, peace, joy!" An activity can have such a big harvest, for a class is sufficient. I hope that
this cooperation atmosphere in our
class carry
forward, a high (5) classes of all the students, let each of the students have their own goals, in order to achieve this goal, let us continue to struggle, dare to go beyond, firm faith, to create a more brilliant tomorrow!


The classmates, we hope to show in the games on the solidarity, hard work, excellence in the spirit of our study, life and work, as a high (5) classes to
achieve greater progress and efforts!
望采纳 谢谢

I. 介绍一种运动的英语作文

Table tennis is a sport that two or four plays to play together as opponents with each other at each end of table on which a net wall is set up at midle to divide the table court in half. Every player got her or his own racket that used to serve a ball or return a ball to another half of table court. A player make one point if the opponent could not return the ball to his or her half of table court. The Player who first to reach to 11 points won the game, or had two points ahead if 10-to-10 happens. A match is made by total 5 games or 7 games, the player who won three or 4 games won the match.

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