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1. 九年级上册英语作文15篇

(1)I have changed a lot since I moved to this new school this term.
I used to have many friends and be outgoing, but now I have few friends, and I become a little quiet. In the old school, I used to spend much time playing with my friends, but now I have to spend most of my time on my schoolwork. I used to have no interest in my lessons, so I usually got bad grades. However, now I become more interested in my studies, and my grades are improving a lot.
(2)I am a Martian organisms, you can call me curry, this time I come to the earth is chief sent me to make friends with the earth, and the friend to Mars to visit, let the earth person know Mars is prosperous, not a not angry homes. This time, I came to earth peril, if not complete the task went back to Mars, that according to the Mars law article 36, I will spend your life in prison, so, I have to complete the task, and finish the task time only ten days, I have to go and make friends the earth.
The first day, I look at GPS walk to school, watch dis stupid gatekeeper saw my strange shape will give my block in the school outside don't let me in, I hurriedly explained: "I am a aliens from Mars, although I look ugly, three eyes, like a pig nose, two big mouth a left a right, but we Martian appearance as is." Don't wait for me to say that finish, the guard took I block out repeatedly said: "you look really is too terrible, if the students see will frighten to death. You go! You go!" Ah! I have to find a bigger courage.
The second day, I came to a factory inside, want to find a courageous point, I walk to the top of the buildings are buildings, and found a body strong, herculean construction workers, the construction workers saw me, frighten leg soft, but after a few seconds he immediately yell: "here there was a monster! Somebody shout! Come and play monster!" Just say that finish, a large group of workers running towards me, I wore a jam, "I'm..." Before I introce myself out, that a group of workers with shovels call to me, "the earth the person is too terrible!" I ran said. If I were an alien
On the third day, I was walking along the road, as they went back to think: how and chief confessed! As I thought, a long looking dignified and strong boy and I dozen hello, I asked, "do you want to go to Mars tourism!" "Yes! It has been my dream to! Can you take me to go?" The little boy said. "Yes!"I said.
The fourth day, we rode the spacecraft flew to the Mars.

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3. 初中九年级六单元英语作文


4. 九上英语作文Unit6

i have asked 60 guys ,31 boys and 29 girls included.The most part of getting relaxed is to watch television , which took up the half of the students.One fifth of the students would like to play computer games or chat with the classmates online. The quantity of guys doing sports are five,which is the same as the student have no time to relax .What's more , the rest of the students would choose to listen to music.
In my opinion,listening to music or doing sports is the proper way to get relaxed because after doing about that,you'll be truly relaxed or sweat hard .These are the healthy ways to get relaxed.

5. 初三人教版第六单元英语作文

One possible version:
Boys and girls,
What would you do if you were given much pocket money? How to use it is a big problem. Here is some advice.
First you can put it in a bank. This way, you can form the good habit of saving money, which will be helpful in your future life. Or you can buy some books with it to get your knowledge; it’ good for your study. You can also spend some of your pocket money on your favorite CDs, a football or basketball, stamps and so on; they can help you develop your interests. But please spend it playing computer games.
I think pocket money is quite useful if you make good use of it.
That’s all, thank you.

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8. 初三第六单元的英语作文 关于笔的发明


9. 求初三上册英语作文!六单元

哟喂。 I love music that is Rock and Electronicmusic。I love Lady Gaga very much,so I am a "little monster"(her fans’s name)。She is so beautiful ,work hardand creative,and she write her own songs。She is from America。And her first CD,“The Fame" is very successful。Everyone loves her。 写内么长可以了嘛。我内打了容半天噢。

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