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『壹』 求一篇英语作文,题目是我的乡村生活,150~200字。

My country life
I like to live in the countryside. I live in a small village. There is a river near it. Lots of trees are around my house. I can see a lot of farms and birds. There is less noise. The air here is cleaner and fresher. There are fewer cars. I read aloud early in the morning. When it is getting dark, the moon is bright in the sky. It’s very quiet . What a nice place I live in !

『贰』 乡村生活英语作文(90词)

I usually get up at six a.m everyday. I then have my breakfast at half past six. After that, i get all my things packed and go to school. I arrive at school usually at 7:15. At 8;00 our classes begin, we always have 6 class a day. We take a little break every 40min.

We all study very hard. 3;45 is the time when school is over. I arrive at home at 4;00. Soon i start to do my homework, i usually spend two hours doing my homework. Then i have supper and watch TV with my family.

『叁』 求!!英语作文关于乡村生活的。。。(100字左右)

A Cozy Life in the Countrside

Last week, I went to the countryside to pay a visit to XX, a friend of mine, who I had helped with his/her school courses.
XX lives in a two-storied house in the east of the village, next to which are the green and rich fields. Each time I am with him, he always shows me around the village and the fields after we have done everything necessary on his subjects.
I find it advantaged to live in the countryside. There is much less noise and pollution than our city. Despite fewer of cars, streets, super-buildings and so on, there is everything that one expects to find, which a city is provided with.
I think I would happier if I lived in the countryside. Unfortunately, I could not stay for long hours. I had to say goodbye to XX in the late afternoon.

『肆』 一篇关于乡村生活的英语作文

Living in the countryside, problems such as the traffic jam, housing problem and instrial pollution which may puzzle the citizens can't be exist. People lead a simple life in pure nature. There is much less noise and pollution than the city. The idyllic pastoral scene which make up with the first cockcrow, the twittering of birds at dawn, the sight of the rising sun glinting on the trees and pastures is only part of the picture. Obviously, the environment is good for human’ health. But rural life may not be that perfect. People usually lack cultural activities. Things go fairly slowly there. What's more, they also miss some golden opportunities of making a fortune.

『伍』 乡村生活的优缺点英语作文

这个我以前写过的 乡村生活的缺点主要是购物,就医步相对不方便 信息相对闭塞(但是现在网络可以逐步解决)

『陆』 我的乡村生活 英语作文100词




『柒』 求一篇关于乡村生活的英语作文

Living in countryside is better than living in the city?
I would highly suggest living in the country side. Yes there are the convenient reasons for living in the city, but in the country side there are health benefits, which a lot of people don't always account for. Recent studies prove that heart issues and complications are directly related to living in a congested city with the stress and pollution. In the country side there are no health risks that can greatly affect and harm your heart. In the city, it's dangerous, crowded, stressful, polluted, crime rates are higher, there's food everywhere you turn and car traffic. In the country side you can find peace, quiet, soothing environments, less pollution, smaller communities that build better relationships with one another. In Japan, the country is built on small communities and people in Japan live longer then any other group of people in the world, and many scientist link the Japanese people living so long to the tight knit communities, which is what on can find in the country side. These are the reasons I would live in the country or the mountains and not in a big city like New York or London.

『捌』 英语作文《农村生活》

Living in the country, people can enjoy living in pure nature. They lead a simple and trouble free life. But rural life may not be that perfect. People usually lack cultural activities. They are relatively ill informed (消息闭塞). Things go fairly slowly there. And people miss some golden opportunities of making a fortune. The chances of their children being admitted to colleges are slim(不多版权).

『玖』 求一篇英语作文。题目是城市生活和乡村生活。

记得新概念3比较靠前有一篇文章(二十几还是三十几或四十几)就是说作者更喜欢city life。他给的理由是可以catch the latest movie还能join clubs with friends,还说了下Neon lights are beautiful。文章说很多人喜欢country life因为环境好早上还能听到birds singing gayly但他就不能理解这有啥好的。要是有书你可以找找。
另外city life好处常用的还有convenient,设备齐全(a variaty of public equipments)之类的。当然city life不好的地方就是noice pollution和too much pressure。另外当下房价(price of the apartments)太高,停车位难找(limit parking lots)之类的也是很困扰人(annoying)。

乡村生活好处显然是leisure, fresh air还有fantastic rural scene。不利的地方就是not convenient,还有就是新概念那篇说的看个新电影也不行(catch the latest movie),也找不到朋友泡吧(have fun at bars)。另外生病也没有好医院(no advanced equipments in hospital)之类的

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