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Ⅰ 金融类英语文章

Planning a share portfolio
Tere is no shortage of tipsters around offering"get-rich-quick'opportunities.But if you are a serious private investor,leave the Las Vegas mentality to those with money to fritter.The serious investor needs a proper'portfolio'-a well-planned selection of investments,with a definite structure and a clear aim.But exactly how does a newcomer to the stock market go about achieving that?
5 Well,if you go to five reputable stock brokers and ask them what you should do with your money,you're likely to get five different answers-even if you give all the relevant infoumation about your age,family,finances and what you want from your investments.Moral?There is no one "right‘way to structure a portfolio.However,thereare undoubtedly some wrong ways,and you can be sure that none of our five advisers would have suggested sinking all(or perhaps any)of your money into Periwigs*.
10 so what should you do?We'll assume that you have sorted out the basics-like mortgages,pensions,insurance and access to sufficient cash reserves.You should then establish your own indivial aims.These are partly a matter of personal circumstances,partly a matter of psychology.
For instance,if you are older you have less time to recover from any major losses,and you may well wish to boost your pension income.So preserving your capital and generating extra income are your main 15priorities.In this ease,you'd probably construct a portfolio with some shares (but not high risk ones),along with gilts,cash deposits,and perhaps convertibles or the income shares of split capital investment trusts.
If you are younger,and in a solid financial position,you may decide to take an a ggressive approach-but only if you're blessed with a sanguine disposition and won't suffer sleepless nights over share prices.If you recognize yourself in this description,you might include a couple ofheady growth stocks in your 20 portfolio,alongside your more pedestrian investments.Once you have decided on your investment aims,you can'then decide where to put your money.The golden rule here is spread your risk-if you put all of *‘Periwigs’is the mame of a fictitious company.

Ⅱ 求一篇金融方面的英语作文


Advantages of Getting a Loan from the Bank for My Studies

I am a College student from a farmer's family in a mountaineous area. A year ago, I was admitted to a famous university. Before entering the university, I was told that the necessary expenses ring my four years' study would cost nearly fifty thousand yuan. My parents had collected all the money there was to collect, including the money borrowed from their relatives, but it was hardly enough to meet the needs. Then,good news came that I could resort to the bank for a loan. I thought it was a good idea and so I did it.
My decision was based on the following considerations:
First, with the loan I can pay the tuition and support my life on the campus.
Secondly, I don't have to depend on my parents who are always worrying about the enormous family expenditure.
Thirdly, I will always have the pressure upon me which forces me to study the hard way.
Fourthly, I have to live a very simple life and save every coin possible. To sooner liquidate the debt, I sometimes work as a home tutor, sometimes a door-to-door salesman, sometimes a restaurant waiter.
Finally, while doing part-time jobs, I have accumulated a lot of social experience, bitter sometimes, sweet occasionally but happy all the time.
I think the above are the advantages the loan from the bank has brought to me. They are beneficial not only to my studies at the university but also to my future career, because I firmly believe in the saying that "Harsh life proces a diligent and intelligent man."


Ⅲ 有关金融危机的英语作文

Financial Crisis Impact on China
Although China's financial institutions, some enterprises hold some U.S. financial institutions, bonds or assets, but not large scale. These financial institutions in China are joint ventures and investment projects, the situation may have some impact on business in China. But in general, the impact can be controlled. The impact of U.S. financial turmoil investment, consumption, employment, income, such as the Lehman bankruptcy, there are about 20,000 employees will lose their jobs, dimensionless loan crisis more people unemployed. Decline in its consumption and investment, will rece imports from China. Increase the rate of depreciation of the dollar to dollar-denominated price of the proct will be.
Many of our imports are denominated in U.S. dollars, while imports increased by a lot of costs, thus affecting the proction costs of Chinese enterprises, the factory procts will certainly increase. China's foreign exchange reserves, financial institutions, investment companies in the United States, mainly the bond investment. These financial institutions, the United States the event of bankruptcy, and its bonds and other investment procts on the drastic slump in the value of market risk. Many U.S. banks in China, corporate banking, joint venture banks, financial institutions, such as equity participation. If these companies sell a large amount of assets in China, a lot of money out from the Department, the short-term impact of China's foreign exchange market is also larger
. In addition, the psychological impact on investors. Although China's direct foreign investment into the financial markets have control, but the psychology is inseparable conction. Meeting credit crisis, China's export company, providing services for export will be affected by the performance of the company, which indirectly affect the local financial income, employment, such as Zhejiang, Guangdong's GDP fell faster.

Ⅳ 关于金融危机英语作文

slammed when their adjustable mortgage finally adjusted. When too many of them couldn’t afford to make their payments, it causes these lenders to suffer from liquidity issue and to sit on more foreclosures than they could sell. Mortgage-backed securities became more risky and worth less causing investment firms like Lehman Brothers to suffer. Moreover, insurers like AIG who insured these bad mortgages also got in trouble.The scheme worked well, but it reverses course and is now coming back to hurt everyone with a vengeance.

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