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英语作文:beauty on campus(美丽校园)

Beauty on the Campus

It is believed in common that beauty exists everywhere on the campus as long as you have an eye for it. Some people hold that natural scenes, especially at dawn, are the most beautiful on the campus while others believe that it is in the afternoon when the playgrounds are flooded with students taking part in sports.In my opinion, the best scene on the campus is ring the rush hour when thousands of students rush towards the canteen.

At precisely the same time as the bell rings, some students dash from the chairs, rushing to the canteen. They set the prelude to the most attractive scene of the whole day.

Within a few minutes, all the classrooms become empty and everyone starts their journey for lunch, on foot or by bike. It gives people the impression that lunch is the most important thing in the world. Most of the students move at the same speed,with the exception of several excellent cyclists. They shuttle smoothly in the crowds just like fish swimming freely in the sea.

On the way to the canteen, everyone looks anxious. But once inside, a look of pride and triumph takes over. Sometimes,it bubbles up in my mind that the rush hour hustle and bustle is the epitome of the intense competition in real life. If you want to realize your expectations, you must be armed with skills and knowledge, use time and resources efficiently and the most importantly, have a healthy body.

⑵ 写一篇初一水平的英语作文题目《美丽校园》60词

is located north the yang villages and small towns broad plum road, is the outward appearance not how improvement our school - yangcun center elementary school.
our campus, has the big teaching building, has the differ in thousands of ways flowers and plants trees, but also has the naive lively elementary student... ... is a beautiful place.
spring, the trees extract the new branch, is long the light green leaf. in the drill ground grass also secretly found out the head, east on the drill ground kapok tree has opened has filled the fiery red flower, likes fire which one burnt all round. the litchi chinensis, longan man shu is a flower, brought in many honeybees, the honeybee has sent out humming sound the sound, was embellishing dramatically with the multi-colored flowers the campus.
summer, the trees are long the onion onion cage cage, the very dense branches and leaves seal solid the drill ground. the drill ground middle two old chinese scholartrees like the green fabric big umbrella which two opens. east the drill ground sun plant has opened, looked like split open the smiling face to us. the litchi chinensis, longan ye congzhong is hiding the fruit, caused the schoolmates watch daily.
autumn, the old chinese scholartree's leaf changed yellow, the banyan fig, the yellow gold leaf, the jasmine orange little did not fear the autumn wind the arrival, was that green, in the drill ground grass also exchanged the new upper and lower garments, the schoolmates has all liked the lawn playing.
winter, the northwest wind whistling has blown the treetop. but in campus trees are still full of vitality. north the drill ground long forced the cuckoo to leave the beautiful flower, had purple, powdery white, looked by far looks like the colored umbrella.
our campus throughout the year the scenery is attractive, is a beautiful garden type campus, also is the good place which we grows.

⑶ 建立美好校园的英语作文


⑷ 写一篇关于美丽校园的英语作文

My School
I study in the No. I middle school, where there are three grades and thirty-two classes. It is not big but very beautiful.
In the center of the school there is a new teaching building, which is very clean and beautiful. The lab building and the library are to the east of the new building. There all kinds of book in the library. You can enioy them as many as you like.
South of the new building lies a playground and it's very big. On the playground, you can have sports such as football. basketball. You'd better play basketball as there are four basketball grounds in our school, You can enjoy yourself very much.
There are many trees in our school.Grass is everywhere. In front of the new building there are two gardens in which, there are flowers of all colours.
We are studying hard in our school, Our life is happy and intcrcsting. I love our school very much.

⑸ 求用“美丽的校园”写一篇英语作文

I have a beautiful campus, the campus is not only a beautiful flowers, grass and trees, and the students lively figure. Spring is coming! All kinds of flowers are blooming, contests, even the grass is also not resigned to playing second fiddle, put up long. "Bomb", a spring rain suddenly, let floret afraid. The rain stopped, that is, the bell is also sounded. The teacher has not had time to say after class, some students think big play on the playground. The teacher said that while the class, the students regardless of the consequence, were quickly rushed out of the classroom. Especially few naughty in our class, such as Yang Yucheng, Zhang Chenpei...... Summer is coming! Flowers grow more beautiful, the grass grow more lush, even students grow. Butterflies in the flowers rise and dance in a happy mood, and bees. In my busy, never be lazy. Although the advent of hot summer, however, the enthusiasm of the students did not rece, but rising many. There are two reasons: one is the male students can wear handsome shirt; girls can wear beautiful dress. Two is because we like summer vacation is coming, so, can go anywhere. Autumn is coming! The tree leaves a piece of falling leaves, we can do the art lesson manual. The grass, flowers have withered, the brown color of the earth. Students of the clothes are thickened, afraid of cold. But there are also happy to try, it is able to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. So we can grow stronger! Winter is coming! The playground was never seen flowers, grass of the shadow, only big uncle to come, shiver my classmates cold. But the boys in class are still active, I really don't know what they want. Of course, the winter is also good, that summer, is to put the winter. The students in our class are excited! Our campus is not only bring us infinite knowledge, also let us feel the joy and happiness!!

⑹ 英语作文美丽的校园 80ci

A nice school
I'm in a nice school.There are a lot of flowers and trees.It looks like a beautiful garden.I like my school!

⑺ 英语作文美丽的学校

I study in a beautiful school. There are many trees and flowers in campus. It’s green all the year round. There are three buildings in my school. Two of them are teaching buildings and one is office and library. Our classroom is large and bright. We are happy to study in it. Besides, there are two playgrounds in my school, a basketball court and a football field. After class, I often play in the basketball court. And, there are many other places for fun in my school. I like my lovely school.

⑻ 美丽的学校 英语作文50个单词小学

我美抄丽的学校(My beautiful school)
My school is BaoDai primary school, this is a beautiful school.
There are many flowers, many leaves, many classrooms, many offices, a big hall, a playground in our school, in the playground we can run and play.
Also there is a garden in my school, many flowers and trees in it, we often walk in the garden after lunch.
I like my school very much! Do you like my school?

⑼ “创建美丽校园”英语作文怎么写



创建——create/set up/establish



美丽景色——beautiful scenery

再联想可能会用到的句型,创建美丽校园不仅需要单一的制度保障,还需要我们每一个人的努力,这样就可以在作文中运用not only...but also句型,回忆该句型使用方法,即可造句:

To create a beautiful campus not only need to perfect the system, but also need to everyone's efforts.



As is known to us all, the surrounding has a great impact on our study and lives. In recent years, creating a green campus has been a common and popular goal for most universities or colleges. Creating a green campus has a great influence on students because most students spend their much time in campus.

However, in my opinion, to create green campus, what we need to do is not only to plant more trees and grasses to beautify our campus’s environment but also to create an energy-efficient and resource-cycled campus. Everyone on campus should be informed to form the habit of using resources properly and saving energy. In addition, the institutions should encourage students to use resources circularly.

In a word, creating a green campus needs us to make joint efforts. And we can achieve it by doing pieces of small matters in daily life, such as turning off the light when leaving.

⑽ 介绍校园的英语作文

When the breeze gently hold LiuXu reflexes, When the sun begins its golden appered handsome cherry trees on the time, When the beautiful flower in the air to reach several long and then gently landed, we are enjoying happiness of campus life.
In the morning, happy bird singing along with us, through the path, the flower asperses full into campus, we watched the sun is smiling eyes in writing. "nanjing normal university, is a subsidiary of the Yangtze, and bronze light reflection to the soft upon us, we cheerfully to accept the light vigor, forward to the classroom in campus. On the way, we could see the beautiful every day with the fountain pool, tall tree with weeping; the graceful book, We often meet their classmates or outside class the good partner, friendly, warm and affectionately called a wave clap back, kindly regards two, maybe a chat recently what has been done.
Into the classroom, the resettlement asperse with good, long bag to urge breath, the study of life.
In class, we enjoy our ability, boldly say his original ideas, and carefully remember well, we must understand the knowledge and points to let birds. For us, in order to make the tree is nodded approvingly, in order to make the heart of flowers, for the fragrant petals dancing in the sky with admiration and hope in the message... We diligently!
We like to break, like that can let us freely in ten minutes. We chat to promote friendship, add the precious wealth of the soul, We discuss the problem to improve each other, let oneself more substantial and wise. Some near in the railing, pinglan delou, Some gathered in the corridor, laughing, Some sitting s-shape sculpture, sunshine, enjoy the beautiful golden years.
Us into the collective, each class is a home, we all hope his elbow, the "home" to excel. Therefore, we saw in the sports meeting every player that as an arrow general momentum, ready, invicible determination. We also saw a cheerleader squad of large span cheer - waving his arms, jumped up and cried, each jauntier.
We grow in learning.
We learn in growth.
Now, we smile at the mall walking on the road campus, then the happiest. When we leave the campus of that a moment, let us look at our path, I believe that we have the feelings. The proud have no to idle away one's time, Have the vision for a bright future! I believe that unforgettable campus life will become our best memories...当微风轻柔地托起一丝丝柳絮的时候;当太阳把它金色的光辉悄然披在一棵棵俊俏的樱花树上的时候;当美丽的花瓣在空中悠悠地达几个卷儿,再轻轻落地的时候,我们正幸福地享受着烂漫的校园生活.

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